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Dr. Braulio Rodríguez Molina

Department of Organic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Braulio Rodríguez Molina obtained his BSc degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Veracruz (1999-2004). Afterwards, he worked as Laboratory Assistant at the Center for Research and Advances Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City (2004-2005). He later obtained his PhD in Chemical Sciences at the CINVESTAV-IPN working under the supervision of Prof. Rosa L. Santillan Baca (2005-2010). During his doctoral studies, he carried out research during an 18-month stay at the University of California, Los Angeles with Prof. Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay (2007-2008). After obtaining his doctoral degree, he went back to the University of California, Los Angeles to work as a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay (2011-2013). Since April 2014 he is an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Chemistry–UNAM in the Department of Organic Chemistry. He had presented his research in national and international meetings. he honored with the Entry level of the National System of Researchers, Mexico (2013-2015), Referee for the Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014-to date), Scholarship for postdoctoral studies CONACYT (2011-2012). Scholarship for doctoral studies CONACYT (2005-2010), Graduated with honors University of Veracruz (2004).

Research Interest

Dr. Braulio Rodríguez Molina focused on The design of crystalline organic materials has recently attracted significant attention given their potential applications as sensors, biosensors and in electronic devices. The work in our lab is focused in the synthesis and characterization of organic compounds with controllable properties in dense media, particularly fluorescence and dynamics. Besides of the design and synthesis of such highly fluorescent solid materials, we study their crystallization processes by means of solid state characterization techniques such as X-Ray diffraction and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, among others.


  • Rodríguez-Molina B, Ochoa ME, Romero M, Khan SI, Farfán N, Santillan R, Garcia-Garibay MA. Conformational Polymorphism and Isomorphism of Molecular Rotors with Fluoroaromatic Rotators and Mestranol Stators. Crystal Growth & Design. 2013 Oct 24;13(11):5107-15.

  • Torres-Huerta A, Rodríguez-Molina B, Höpfl H, Garcia-Garibay MA. Synthesis and Solid-State Characterization of Self-Assembled Macrocyclic Molecular Rotors of Bis (dithiocarbamate) Ligands with Diorganotin (IV). Organometallics. 2013 Dec 18;33(1):354-62.

  • Jiang X, Rodríguez-Molina B, Nazarian N, Garcia-Garibay MA. Rotation of a bulky triptycene in the solid state: toward engineered nanoscale artificial molecular machines. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2014 Jun 13;136(25):8871-4.

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