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Dr. Federico García Jiménez

Department of Natural Products
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Federico García Jiménez has completed his Postdoctoral fellow at the British Columbia University, Canada, 1979-1980. (He took a course on handling of radioisotopes), Postdoctoral Position at the Glasgow University, Scotland, UK, 1971-1972, PhD. (Chemistry) March 15th, 1965, School of Sciences, UNAM, BSc. from the School of Chemical Sciences, UNAM, September 22nd, 1961. At present he is fully researcher in the university of chemistry. he honored with Science and Technology National Award from CONACyT and Coca-Cola Co, 1987, Science and Food Technology National Award, 1987, “Andrés Manuel del Río” Award, from the Mexican Chemical Society, 1988, Martin de la Cruz Award 1991, by the Mexican General Health Council, National Research System, Level II since 1984.

Research Interest

Dr. Federico García Jiménez focused on the Studies on photosynthesis, particularly on the effects of carotenes and their functions, Vegetal colorants as capsanthin and capsorubin, lutein and zaexanthin, their biosynthesis and cellular organs involved (cellular membranes), Location of organs where capsaicin is synthesized and stored, employing microscopic techniques of atomic and molecular resolution.


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