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Dr. Gabriel Eduardo Cuevas González Bra

Researcher / Director
Department of Physical Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Cuevas is Full Professor at the Institute of Chemistry, National Autonomous University of México, where he carries out experimental and theoretical research on the nature of the stereoelectronic effects and weak interactions, with the aim to establish their role on the conformation, reactivity and molecular recognition processes. He is responsible author of 43 articles, with an average impact index of 4.0 and has received 1,200 cites by other authors. He has been member of the Internal Council of the Institute of Chemistry since 2003; he was elected representative of the Institute’s academic body at the Coordination of Scientific Research during 2003-2006, and at the Academic Council of the Biological and Health Sciences Area (UNAM). He has supervised 30 Bachelor’s, 12 Master and 6 Doctoral theses.

Research Interest

Dr. Cuevas focused on the Study of the contribution of the stereoelectronic effects in the conformational and reactive properties of chemical compounds, Study of weak interactions and their connection with molecular recognition, Computational study of the terminal biogenesis of natural products.


  • Barquera-Lozada JE, Quiroz-García B, Quijano L, Cuevas G. Conformational properties of the germacradienolide 6-epidesacetyllaurenobiolide by theory and NMR analyses. The Journal of organic chemistry. 2010 Mar 11;75(7):2139-46.

  • Cortés-Guzmán F, Hernández-Trujillo J, Cuevas G. Application of the additivity of group energies to understand conformational preference: the anomeric effect. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2010;12(40):13261-5.

  • Barquera-Lozada JE, Cuevas G. Role of Carbocation’s Flexibility in Sesquiterpene Biosynthesis: Computational Study of the Formation Mechanism of Terrecyclene. The Journal of organic chemistry. 2011 Feb 22;76(6):1572-7.

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