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Dr. Juan Antonio Cogordán Ramírez

Department of Physical Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Juan Antonio Cogordán obtained his BSc. in Physics and Mathematics from the National Polytechnic Institute. He obtained his Ph.D. in Quantic Chemistry from Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. He is full-time researcher at the Institute of Chemistry, UNAM, since 1994. Dr. Cogordan’s research has focused on the study of the electronic structure of atoms, molecules and solids, including all these three fields, applying relativistic and correlation methods to first principles. Nowadays, he is working as a Researcher in the department of physical chemisrty in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico.

Research Interest

Dr. Juan Antonio Cogordán focused on the Studies on the molecular interactions of AND with intercalated molecules, Electronic structure of molecules with biological activity, Relativistic effects on compounds with heavy atoms


  • Miranda R, Rı́os H, Delgado F, Castro M, Cogordán A, Salmón M. Characterization of a bentonitic clay and its application as catalyst in the preparation of benzyltoluenes and oligotoluenes. Applied Catalysis A: General. 2003 May 15;244(2):217-33.

  • Leon A, Toscano RA, Cogordan JA. Differentiated cyclization of the ketoacid derived from tokinolide B. Heterocycles. 2011 Mar 1;82(2):1567-76.

  • León A, Cogordán JA, Sterner O, Delgado G. Enantiomeric derivatives of tokinolide B: absolute configuration and biological properties. Journal of natural products. 2012 May 10;75(5):859-64.

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