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Dr. Luis Ángel Maldonado Graniel

Department of Organic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Luis Ángel Maldonado Graniel has completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry (1965), School of Chemistry, UNAM (under the supervision of Dr. José F. Herrán A. and Jesús Romo A), PhD in Chemical Sciences (1969), Graduate Studies Division, School of Chemistry, UNAM (under the supervision of Dr. Pierre Crabbé). Posdoctoral position (1970), Department of Chemistry, Columbia University, New York, EUA (with Prof. Gilbert Stork). Assistant Lecturer (1964-1969), School of Chemistry, UNAM. Full-time lecturer (1971-1995), School of Chemistry, UNAM. Full Researcher (1995-to this date), Institute of Chemistry, UNAM. he honored with Member of the National Research System, level II (1984- up to date), IOCD-Syntex award for Chemical Excellence in Mexico-1992.

Research Interest

Organic Chemistry focused on Organic Chemistry


  • Leon-Galeana L, Angel Maldonado LG. Total synthesis of 5-(5-ethenyl-2-methoxyphenyl)-3-furancarboxaldehyde and related compounds. NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS. 2008 Jan 1;3(4):529-34.

  • Granados-Covarrubias EH, Maldonado LA. A Wacker–Cook synthesis of isoflavones: formononetine. Tetrahedron Letters. 2009 Apr 8;50(14):1542-5.

  • Granados-Covarrubias EH, Maldonado LA. Protected cyanohydrins in the synthesis of rotenoids:(±)-munduserone and (±)-cis-12a-hydroxymunduserone. The Journal of organic chemistry. 2009 May 28;74(14):5097-9.

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