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Dr. Manuel Salmón Salazar

Department of Organic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Manuel de Jesús Salmón Salazar made his bachelor and doctoral studies at the School of Chemistry, UNAM. His academic and scientific career started at the Institute of Chemistry in 1964. At present, he has published 134 national and international papers and has participated in 126 congresses. Dr. Salmón designed the first optically active conducting polymers derived from pirrol with the aim to use them as chiral electrodes and at present he makes research in the heterogeneous catalysis area using bentonic earths in the transformation of organic products.Dr. Salmón has supervised 49 Bachelor, 15 Master, and 8 Doctoral theses. he honored with Member of the National Researchers System funded by the Public Education Ministry, since 1984, promoted (third renovation) from June 30, 2004 to August 30, 2014, Member of the Academic Performance Evaluation System since 1999, Andres Manuel del Río National Award in Research (2004), awarded by the Mexican Chemical Society. at present he is fully researcher in the university of chemistry.

Research Interest

Dr. Manuel de Jesús Salmón Salazar focused on Heterogenous Catalysis, Synthesis of allylic, alkyl, and aromatic ethers. Alkylation of benzenes and toluenes, employing acid and super acid earths, Catalytic method for the synthesis of biodiesel using an earth from Tehuacan, Puebla, modified with metallic salt and acids and super acids.


  • Jaime-Vasconcelos MÁ, Frontana-Uribe BA, Morales-Serna JA, Salmón M, Cárdenas J. Structure of Salvioccidentalin, a Diterpenoid with a Rearranged neo-Clerodane Skeleton from Salvia occidentalis. Molecules. 2011 Oct 31;16(11):9109-15.

  • Morales-Serna JA, García-Ríos E, Madrigal D, Cárdenas J, Salmón M. Constituents of organic extracts of Cuphea hyssopifolia. Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society. 2011 Mar;55(1):62-4.

  • Salmón M, Miranda R, Nicolás-Vázquez I, Vargas-Rodriguez YM, Cruz-Borbolla J, Medrano MI, Morales-Serna JA. Effects of bentonite on p-methoxybenzyl acetate: A theoretical model for oligomerization via an electrophilic-substitution mechanism. Molecules. 2011 Feb 21;16(2):1761-75.

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