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Dr. Marcos Martínez García

Department of Organic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Marcos Martínez García obtained his PhD degree from Moscow State University, Lomonosov. He made an academic stay at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the direction of Professor Fred Wudl. He joined the Institute of Chemistry in 1993. Dr. Martínez has published 125 articles in international journals and is member of the National Research System, where he has obtained the maximum level (III).Dr. Martínez is currently Lecturer on Oganic Chemistry at the School of Chemistry, UNAM. he is the Member of the National Research System, Level (III).

Research Interest

Dr. Marcos Martínez García focused on Dendrimers synthesis: Dendrimers possess a center, dendritic branches and terminal groups, they are monidispersal molecules of high molecular weight, tridimensional, each one of its parts may be modified, thus changing its physic chemical properties.Ferrocene chemistry: Ferrocene is an electro-donator organometallic compound, which has been employed to synthesized tridimentional structures such as dendrimers. Supramolecular Chemistry: Supramolecular complexes are obtained from nanomolecules with dendrimeric structures with electroluminescent properties such as OLEDs and Non-lineal optics. Fullerene chemistry: at present, we are carrying out the synthesis of donating-bridge-acceptor systems with molecules of pyrene-fullerene conjugated system, allowing a flux of electrons.

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