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Dr. Orest Pizio

Department of Physical Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Orest Pizio is fully researcher in the department of physical chemistry in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico. he has completed his Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Ukranian Academy of Sciences, Kvjv, 1980. he published Articles – more than 200, number of articles in Web of Science – 186, articles cited 1668 times, h-index 19.he Sponsored projects by CONACYT, DGAPA, UNAM, and international collaborative projects (Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine). he is the Member of the Academy of Sciences of Mexico and the Molecular Engineer Academy, participating in the scientific projects supported by the European Union.

Research Interest

Dr. Orest Pizio focused on Thermodynamic properties and microscopic structure of homogeneous and inhomogeneous fluids, Thermodynamic and structural properties of electrolyte solutions in homogeneous phase confined by nanopores, Fluid adsorption in pore systems and disordered nanopores media; phase transitions in fluid systems, Research methods: integral equations of fluids theory; density functionals, modelling and computater simulation.


  • Hribar-Lee B, Pizio O. Density anomaly of charged hard spheres of different diameters in a mixture with core-softened model solvent. Monte Carlo simulation results. arXiv preprint arXiv:1312.4566. 2013 Dec 16.

  • Henderson D, Pizio O. Advances in liquid state theory. Condensed Matter Physics. 2013.

  • Pizio O, SokoĊ‚owski S. Restricted primitive model for electrolyte solutions in slit-like pores with grafted chains: Microscopic structure, thermodynamics of adsorption, and electric properties from a density functional approach. The Journal of chemical physics. 2013 May 28;138(20):204715.

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