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Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Department of Inorganic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Pankaj Sharma is working as a Researcher in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry in National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico. he has completed his Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi, India, 1993, M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India, 1988, B.Sc. Chemistry (Honors), Universidad de Delhi, India , 1986.Dr. Sharma is responsible for several projects funded by CONACyT and DGAPA (UNAM).He has published 80 scientific articles in international journals, 3 chapters of books and editor of one book.Dr. Sharma is member of the National Research System, Mexico (SNI), Level II (since 2004). He has also been distinguished with the maximum level at the Program for Academic Performance, UNAM. Dr. Sharma is referee for Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Journal of Molecular Catalysis (A), Inorganic Chemistry Communications, Phosphorus, Sulphur Silicon Related Elements. Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Chemistry (published by Canadian Center of Science and Education).

Research Interest

Dr. Pankaj Sharma ocused on chemistry the main group metal chemistry, in particular, synthesis and characterization of organoantimonic, organotellurium and organobismuth compounds; the ability to coordinate those ligands with transition metals and the application of these metal complexes to homogenous catalysis; synthesis and application of organometallic dendrimers containing ferrocene and metals such as antimony and bismuth. he is also interested in searching for novel precursors of a single source to generate sulfuric, telluric and selenium of pnictogen thin films.


  • Cabrera A, Sharma P, Ayala M, Rubio-Perez L, Amézquita-Valencia M. [(S)-BINAP] PdBr 2-catalyzed direct synthesis of 2, 3-disubstituted indoles via a tandem reaction between arylamines and α-diketones. Tetrahedron letters. 2011 Dec 14;52(50):6758-62.

  • Suárez-Ortiz GA, Sharma P, Amézquita-Valencia M, Arellano I, Cabrera A, Rosas N. Ni (0) catalyzed one step synthesis of benzo [b][1, 8] naphthyridin-5-ones from silyl-α-ketoalkynes in water. Tetrahedron letters. 2011 Apr 6;52(14):1641-3.

  • Vázquez J, Bernès S, Sharma P, Pérez J, Hernández G, Tovar A, Peña U, Gutiérrez R. Synthesis, characterization and anticancer activity of new chiral Pd (II)-complexes derived from unsymmetrical α-diimine ligands. Polyhedron. 2011 Sep 21;30(15):2514-22.

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