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Dr. Tomás Rocha Rinza

Department of Physical Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Rocha received his Bachelor’s degree from the School of Chemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, defending the thesis entitled “Study of the topological properties of the electronic density of water clusters”. He obtained his PhD. in Chemistry from the UNAM, defending the thesis “Topology of the electronic density in bimolecular benzene complexes in the basal state and the first singlet excited state”. Postdoctoral Position. Chromophore studies of photoreceptor proteins. Institute of Chemistry Arhus University, Denmark.

Research Interest

Dr. Rocha focused on Electronic spectroscopy of linear response calculations of chromophore of photoreceptor proteins, Non-covalent interactions in basal and excited states.


  • Sánchez‐Flores EI, Chávez‐Calvillo R, Keith TA, Cuevas G, Rocha‐Rinza T, Cortés‐Guzmán F. Properties of atoms in electronically excited molecules within the formalism of TDDFT. Journal of computational chemistry. 2014 Apr 15;35(10):820-8.

  • Cortés‐Guzmán F, Rocha‐Rinza T, Guevara‐Vela JM, Cuevas G, Gómez RM. Dynamic Molecular Graphs:“Hopping” Structures. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2014 May 5;20(19):5665-72.

  • Guevara‐Vela JM, Chávez‐Calvillo R, García‐Revilla M, Hernández‐Trujillo J, Christiansen O, Francisco E, Martín Pendás Á, Rocha‐Rinza T. Hydrogen‐Bond Cooperative Effects in Small Cyclic Water Clusters as Revealed by the Interacting Quantum Atoms Approach. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2013 Oct 11;19(42):14304-15.

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