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Emma Maldonado Jiménez

Department of Natural Products
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Emma Maldonado Jiménez has completed her BSc. in Chemistry, School of Chemistry, National Autonomous University of Mexico. Thesis: “Chemical Study of Cynaropicrine and Isolation of a New Guayanolide from Mexican Artichoke”, defended on August 26th, 1976, published as "A Sesquiterpene delta-lactone from Zinnia juniperifolia", Alfredo Ortega and Emma Maldonado, Phytochemistry 21, 785 (1982) and Master of Sciences (Organic Chemistry) School of Chemistry, National Autonomous University of Mexico. August 29, 1980. Thesis: “New Lactones from Zinnia Genera (delta and gamma Elemenolides). he honored as a Member of the National Research System, Level II.

Research Interest

Emma Maldonado Jiménez focused on Isolation and structural determination of secondary metabolites from plants, primarily from Physalis (Solanaceae family) and Lippia (Verbenaceae family).


  • Maldonado E, Díaz-Arumir H, Toscano RA, Martínez M. Lupane triterpenes with a δ-lactone at ring E, from Lippia mexicana. Journal of natural products. 2010 Oct 13;73(11):1969-72.

  • Maldonado E, Pérez-Castorena AL, Garcés C, Martínez M. Philadelphicalactones C and D and other cytotoxic compounds from Physalis philadelphica. Steroids. 2011 Jun 30;76(7):724-8.

  • Bautista E, Maldonado E, Ortega A. Neo-clerodane diterpenes from Salvia herbacea. Journal of natural products. 2012 May 11;75(5):951-8.

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