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Jesús Valdés Martínez

Department of Inorganic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Valdés joined the Institute of Chemistry in 1986, and at present he is Full Researcher. He is also Lecturer at the School of Chemistry, UNAM. He obtained his BSc, MSc and PhD in Chemistry by the School of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has made several academic stays at the University of Texas and Kansas State University. He was Head of the Science Liaison Office of the National University of Mexico and has taken part in several commissions and academic boards. Nowadays, he is fully researcher in the department of inorganic chemistry.Dr. Valdés is member of the National Research System, at the maximum level (III). He is also accredited supervisor of the Graduate Program in Chemistry.

Research Interest

Dr. Valdés research has focused on Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry, particularly on Crystal Engineering. He is interested in the construction of extended networks of copper complexes and coordination and supramolecular chemistry of thiosemicarbazones, which are interesting ligands with a wide variety of biological activity. Concerning Crystal Engineering, he works on the design and construction of coordination compounds through hydrogen bonds, as well as obtaining co-crystals of compounds with pharmacological interest and the fundamental study of networks of water molecules, pi interactions and halogen bonds.


  • Basauri-Molina M, Hernández-Ortega S, Toscano RA, Valdés-Martínez J, Morales-Morales D. Synthesis and characterization of sterically hindered thiolate Pd (II) complexes of the type [Pd (SR) 2 (TMEDA)]: Examination of their catalytic properties in phosphane-free Suzuki-Miyaura cross couplings. Inorganica Chimica Acta. 2010 Apr 5;363(6):1222-9.

  • Ballesteros‐Rivas M, Ota A, Reinheimer E, Prosvirin A, Valdés‐Martinez J, Dunbar KR. Highly Conducting Coordination Polymers Based on Infinite M (4, 4′‐bpy) Chains Flanked by Regular Stacks of Non‐Integer TCNQ Radicals. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2011 Oct 4;50(41):9703-7.

  • Martinez-Vargas S, Valdés-Martínez J, Martinez AI. Supramolecular architectures of Cu (II) with terpyridine and pyridyl-carboxylates. Journal of Molecular Structure. 2011 Dec 14;1006(1):425-33.

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