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José Guadalupe López Cortes

Department of Inorganic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


José Guadalupe López Cortés received his BSc. degree in Chemistry, from the Faculty of Higher Studies-Cuautitlán, National Autonomous University of Mexico, and was awarded his PhD. by the School of Chemistry, UNAM. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in in Synthèses Asymétrique et Intéractions Moléculaires Group at the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination CNRS at Toulouse, France. Currently, he is Full Researcher at the Institute of Chemistry, UNAM.

Research Interest

José Guadalupe López Cortés focused on Synthesis and catalytic application of ferrocene compounds employing organometallic complexes as key intermediaries, Synthesis and catalytic evaluation of organometallic compounds of groups 8 and 10, Development of new synthetic routes employing microwave and ultrasound as energy sources.


  • Corona-Sánchez R, Toscano RA, Ortega-Alfaro MC, Sandoval-Chávez C, López-Cortés JG. 2-Ferrocenyl-2-thiazoline as a building block of novel phosphine-free ligands. Dalton Transactions. 2013;42(33):11992-2004.

  • Rivera-Hernández A, Chans GM, Rudler H, Cortés JG, Toscano RA, Álvarez-Toledano C. Reactivity of pyridines bearing EWG with bis-(TMS) ketene acetals. Substituent-induced lactonization reaction. Tetrahedron. 2014 Mar 11;70(10):1861-71.

  • Suárez-Meneses JV, Bonilla-Reyes E, Blé-González EA, Ortega-Alfaro MC, Toscano RA, Cordero-Vargas A, López-Cortés JG. Synthesis of [N, P] ligands based on pyrrole. Application to the total synthesis of arnottin I. Tetrahedron. 2014 Feb 18;70(7):1422-30.

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