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Manuel Soriano García

Department of Biomacromolecules
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Manuel Soriano obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemical Engineering from the National School for Biological Sciences, National Polytechnic Institute (1971) and his Ph.D. Degree in Biophysics from SUNY at Buffalo, USA, under the supervision of Professor Herbert A. Haputman (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1985). He is Full Professor at the Institute of Chemistry, UNAM. Research work of Dr. Soriano comprises multiple applications of X ray crystallography of small molecules and proteins. Structural studies of proteins by X ray diffractrometry are directed towards the understanding of the relations between the structure, dynamic and function of proteins. Now he is working as a Researcher in the Department of Biomacromolecules in National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico. he honored National Award in Chemistry “Andres Manuel del Río” for Research, 1989, “Lazaro Cardenas Award-Distinguished graduate”, National Polytechnic Institute, 1992, National Researcher, Level III, since 1990, Cuban National Award in Sciences 1994 and Science and Technology of Food Award, 1999.

Research Interest

Dr. Manuel Soriano focused on Structure of proteins, focusing in the food and pharmacy industry, Structure and biological activity of antifungic peptides isolated from plants, Drug design: organoselenium compounds as therapeutic and chemopreventive agents in rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, Development of antiandrogens as therapeutic agents for prostate cancer and Drug design for the treatment of Alzheimer disease.


  • Salazar H, Jara-Oseguera A, Hernández-García E, Llorente I, Arias-Olguín II, Soriano-García M, Islas LD, Rosenbaum T. Structural determinants of gating in the TRPV1 channel. Nature structural & molecular biology. 2009 Jul 1;16(7):704-10.

  • Escobedo-Martínez C, Lozada MC, Enríquez RG, Soriano-García M, Reynolds WF. Mangifera indica: Crystal structures of two cycloartane type triterpenoids present in the bark. Journal of Chemical Crystallography. 2010 Mar 1;40(3):241-7.

  • del Carmen Oliver-Salvador M, Lian Z, Laursen RA, Bolaños-García VM, Soriano-García M. Biochemical characterisation of MX-4, a plant cysteine protease of broad specificity and high stability. Food chemistry. 2011 May 15;126(2):543-52.

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