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Derek Bailey

Animal and Range Sciences
New Mexico State University


Education: B.S., Animal Science, Colorado State University - 1980 M.S., Animal Science, Colorado State University - 1985 Ph.D., Range Science, Colorado State University - 1988 Courses Taught: RGSC 452 Vegetation Measurements for Rangeland Assessment. Undergraduate vegetation monitoring course. Focus on cover, frequency, density, production and utilization. Sampling theory and analysis. (4 credits) RGSC 458 Livestock Behavior, Welfare and Handling. Undergraduate course developed by Bailey during Spring 2009. Principles of animal behavior and evaluation of management systems on animal welfare in confined and rangeland livestock operations. Low-stress livestock handing techniques. Design of livestock handling systems. (3 credits) RGSC 460 Advanced Rangeland Management. Capstone undergraduate course in the NMSU Range Science program. Rangeland management planning; use of vegetation monitoring in decision making; stocking rate calculations; grazing systems; rangeland administration; economic analyses for rangeland improvements. (4 credits) RGSC 509 Approaches to Rangeland Research. Graduate course. Techniques and methods of conducting rangeland and ecological research. Experimental design and statistical analyses. Proposal development. (3 credits) RGSC 515 Range Graduate Seminar (1 credit)

Research Interest

Livestock grazing management; GPS-based animal tracking; rangeland livestock production; riparian area management; livestock-wildlife interactions; rangeland restoration.


  • Bruegger, R.A., L.A. Varelas, L.D. Howery, L.A. Torell, M.B. Stephenson, and D.W. Bailey. 2016. Targeted grazing in southern Arizona: using cattle to reduce fine fuel loads. Rangeland Ecology & Management 69:43-51

  • Bailey, D. W., M. G. Thomas, T. N. Holt, M. B. Stephenson, R. M. Enns, and S. E. Speidel. 2016. Relationship of pulmonary arterial pressure and terrain use of Angus cows grazing high-altitude foothill rangelands. Livestock Science 190:76-80.

  • Stephenson, M. B., D. W. Bailey, R. A. Bruegger, and L. D. Howery. 2017. Factors affecting the efficacy of low-stress herding and supplement placement to target cattle grazing locations. Rangeland Ecology & Management 70:202-209.

  • Smythe, B.G.., S. Urias, M.E. Wise, E.J. Scholljegerdes, A.F. Summers, and D.W. Bailey. 2017. Comparing visual and digital counting methods to estimate horn fly (Diptera: muscidae) populations on cattle. Journal of Medical Entomology. doi: 10.1093/jme/tjw248

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