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Eric J. Scholljegerdes

Associate Professor
Animal and Range Sciences
New Mexico State University


Dr. Eric Scholljegerdes is the Range Animal Nutritionist in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences at New Mexico State University. His area of specialty is cow/calf nutrition with an emphasis on strategic supplementation programs that not only improve cow reproduction and growth but also improve the longevity and performance of their offspring. He also conducts research in the area of animal health, annual crop grazing, and mineral nutrition. Dr. Scholljegerdes worked as a Research Animal Scientist for the USDA in North Dakota prior to arriving at NMSU. Education: B.S. University of Missouri-Columbia, 1998 M.S. University of Wyoming, 2001 Ph.D. University of Wyoming, 2005 Research: Investigation of strategic supplementation strategies that improve the use of forages by ruminants. Other interests include the development of supplements which provide key nutrients at critical times of the production cycle to improve reproduction and growth.

Research Interest

Ruminant Nutrition


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  • Scholljegerdes, E. J., L. A. Lekatz, and K. A. Vonnahme. 2014. Effects of short-term oilseed supplementation on plasma fatty acid composition, progesterone, and prostaglandin F metabolite in lactating beef cows. Animal 7: 777-785.

  • Stewart, W. C., T. R. Whitney, E. J. Scholljegerdes, R. P. Adams, H. D. Naumann, N. M Cherry, K. D. Welch, and D. R. Gardner. 2015. Effects of Juniperus species and stage of maturity on nutritional, in vitro digestibility, and plant secondary compound characteristics J. Anim. Sci. 93:4034-4047.

  • Kronberg, S. L., E. J. Scholljegerdes, R. J. Maddock, G. Barcelo-Coblijn, and E. J. Murphy. 2015. Lean ground beef as a potentially significant and popular source of n-3 fatty acids for many people. Lipids (Submitted)

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