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H. Curtis Monger

Plant and Environmental Sciences
New Mexico State University


Education: University of Tennessee B.S. 1981 Plant and Soil Science University of Tennessee M.S. 1986 Geology New Mexico State University Ph.D. 1990 Soil Science (Agronomy), Minor: Geology Appointments 2013-2014 Acting Lead PI, NSF Jornada Basin LTER Program 2012-present Distinguished Achievement Professor 2004-2012 Professor, Pedology and Environmental Science, New Mexico State University 1998-2004 Associate Professor, Pedology and Environmental Science, New Mexico State University 1992-1998 Assistant Professor, Pedology, New Mexico State University, Dept. of Agron & Hort. 1990-1992 Soil-Geomorphology-Paleoclimate Project Leader, US DoD Fort Bliss, Texas 1984 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Soil Scientist 1981-1982 USDA-Soil Conservation Service, Chester Co, Tenn. Soil Scientist

Research Interest

Soil-geomorphic-ecosystem response to climate change; Carbon sequestration and biomineralogy in desert soils and ecosystems; Environmental science; Geoarchaeology.


  • Monger, H.C. and D.M. Rachal. 2013. Soil and landscape memory of climate change: how sensitive, how connected? Society of Sedimentary Geology Special Publication 104. p. 63-70.

  • Monger, H.C. and P. H. Cooke. 2013. Soil micromorphology and the Anthropocene—crossscale connections and technology trends. Spanish Journal of Soil Science 3:1-13.

  • Khormali, F., H.C. Monger, Y. Feng. 2014. Experimental micropedology—A technique for investigating soil carbonate biogenesis along a desert-grassland-forest transect, New Mexico, USA. Spanish Journal of Soil Science 4: 1-18. DOI: 10.3232/SJSS.2014.V4.N1.01

  • Monger, H.C., Osvaldo E Sala, Mike Duniway, Haim Goldfus, Isaac A Meir, Rosa M Poch, Heather Throop, and Enrique R Vivoni. 2015. Legacy effects in linked ecological–soil– geomorphic systems of drylands. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13(1): 13– 19, doi:10.1890/140269.

  • Monger, H.C., W.C. Lindemann, R.A. Kraimer, A. Unc, E. McKinney, F.O. Holguin, M. Seger, D.R. Cole. Differing abilities of soil microorganisms to biomineralize carbonate and fractionate carbon isotopes. (in review Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta)

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