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Jennifer A. Hernandez Gifford

Associate Professor
Animal and Range Sciences
New Mexico State University


Education: Washington State University Ph.D. 2004 Animal Science New Mexico State University M.S. 2001 Animal Science New Mexico State University B.S. 1999 Animal Science Courses Taught: Animal Sciences 370 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals Animal Sciences 509 Endocrinology of Domestic Animals  Research: Changes in the capacity of follicles to mature properly and/or respond to appropriate preovulatory events could be involved with altered follicular development, failure of the follicle(s) to ovulate at the appropriate time, and abnormal embryonic development. The long-term goal of the research proposed in our lab is to provide fundamental knowledge about the physiological role and mechanism of action of ovarian signaling molecules involved in follicular development in the adult ovary and steroid production.

Research Interest

Reproductive Physiology


  • Stapp, A.D., B.I. Gomez, C.A. Gifford, D.M. Hallford and J.A. Hernandez Gifford. 2014. Canonical WNT Signaling Inhibits Follicle Stimulating Hormone Mediated Steroidogenesis in Primary Cultures of Rat Granulosa Cells. PLoS ONE. 9(1): e86432.

  • Gifford, C.A., K.A. Branham, J.O. Ellison, B.I. Gomez, C.O. Lemley, C.G. Hart, C.R. Krehbiel, B.C. Bernhard, C.L. Maxwell, C.L. Goad, D.M. Hallford, and J.A. Hernandez Gifford. 2015. Effect of anabolic implants on adrenal cortisol production in feedlot cattle implanted early or late in the finishing phase. Physiol. & Behav. 138:118-123.

  • Matera, J., B.K. Wilson, J.A. Hernandez Gifford, D.L. Step, C.R. Krehbiel, and C.A. Gifford. 2014. Cattle with increased severity of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex exhibit decreased capacity to protect against histone cytotoxicity. J. Anim. Sci. 93:1841-1849.

  • Hernandez Gifford, J.A. 2015. INVITED REVIEW: The role of WNT signaling in adult ovarian folliculogenesis. Reproduction 150:R137-R148.

  • Gomez, B. I., C. A. Gifford, D. M. Hallford, and J. A. Hernandez Gifford. 2015. Protein kinase B is required for follicle-stimulating hormone mediated beta-catenin accumulation and estradiol production in granulosa cells of cattle. Anim. Reprod. Sci. 163:97-104.

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