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John W. Campbell

Assistant Professor
Animal and Range Sciences
New Mexico State University


Education: Texas A&M University, College Station B.S., Animal Science; Magna Cum Laude 1981 Texas A&M University, College Station M.S., Animal Science (Reproductive Physiology) 1983 New Mexico State University, Las Cruces Ph.D., Animal Science; Major: Reproductive Physiology; Minor: Nutrition; Research Tool: Biochemistry 1992 Activities Member American Society of Animal Science Member of North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Member of NACADA The Global Community for Academic Advising Member Gamma Sigma Delta Serve as the Livestock Show Secretary for SNMSF Advise the ANRS Judging ClubServe as Chair of Scholarship Committee ANRS Department Advise the Block and Bridle Club NMSU Honors and Awards Honorary State FFA Degree - 2012 Honorary Member Dona Ana County 4-H - 2003

Research Interest

Reproductive Physiology


  • Campbell, J.W., D.M. Hallford, H.S. Yim, C.E. Heird, and E. Perez-Eguia. 1993. Serum constituent and metabolic hormone profiles from birth through the feedlot period in Debouillet lambs. SID Sheep Res. J. 9:28-34.

  • Riley, P.J., R. L. Byford, D.M. Hallford, J.W. Campbell, and E. Perez-Eguia. 1994. Physiological responses of beef cattle to gulf coast tick (Acari Ixodidae) infestations. J. Econ. Entomology 88:320-325.

  • Campbell, J.W., D.M. Hallford, and M.E. Wise. 1994. Serum progesterone and luteinizing hormone in ewes treated with PGF2 during mid-gestation and gonadotropin releasing hormone after parturition. Prostaglandins 47:333-334

  • Campbell, J.W., T.G. Harvey, M.F. McDonald and R. I. Sparksman. 1995. Transcervical insemination in sheep; An anatomical and histological evaluation. Theriogenology 45:1535-1544.

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