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Michael Oneill

Plant and Environmental Sciences
New Mexico State University


Professor – Plant and Environmental Sciences José Fernández Memorial Chair for Crop Production – Emeritus Career interests and profile Agronomy, agroforestry, crop physiology, crop introduction, biofuel research, small-scale irrigation, natural resources management for the semi-arid regions. Collaborative links with international agricultural research institutes, universities, development organizations, agribusiness and/or consulting firms.  Research encompass the judicious use of water through microirrigation in semi-arid environments; hybrid poplar introductions for excelsior and biofuel production; variety trials for state and national testing programs, including oil seed crops for biodiesel development.  Superintendent with overall responsibility for management of a 250-acre agricultural research facility situated in the high desert of northwestern New Mexico.  Over 20 years of international agricultural research and development experience, primarily in Africa (Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Kenya, Rwanda), and India.  Team leader for three projects in the coffee-based land use system of Embu, Kenya including the National Agroforestry Research Project (NAFRP), the African Highlands Initiative (AHI), and the Systemwide Livestock Project (SLP).  Senior Agronomist in Kenya and Niger leading research and dissemination efforts in mixed, small-holder farming systems.  Designed, implemented and analyzed irrigated and dryland agronomic trials in semi-arid Arizona and Sahelian West Africa;

Research Interest

Agronomy, Agroforestry, Biofuels, Hybrid Poplar, Oilseeds

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