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Carlos Funes

CEO of Mexico & Central America


With his incorporation to Softtek in 1988, Carlos Funes started a career characterized by business-focused achievements. Among his various roles, he served as VP of Global Accounts in 2005, and in 2009—thanks to his enterprising vision—he took on the position of VP of Business Development for Mexico and Central America. Among his greatest contributions to Softtek are accomplishments such as broadening the organization’s presence by entering new markets, bringing local clients to more than ten countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia; the creation and platform for the development of global clients, aimed at unifying the client experience in the different markets; development and evolution of practices and methods for implementing solutions throughout business alliances, to name a few. In 2011 Carlos accepted a new challenge as CEO for the Mexican Market, committed to increasing the competitiveness and bringing clients the value of Softtek as a global company. Funes graduated as a Systems Engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico Campus, and holds a Master’s in Business Economics from the same institution. Carlos describes himself as a visionary, ambitious, decisive, proactive and practical. He is very passionate about business development

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Economics Systems Engineer

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