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Mauro Mattioda

Hispanic South America


Mauro Mattioda currently leads Softtek Hispanic South America, in charge of operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. He is characterized by being a diligent worker, always showing enthusiasm and self-determination. Passionate about the opportunities that are presented before him, Mauro commented, “I can’t allow an opportunity to pass me by. Today I try to be more mature, controlling that passion that has helped me to open many doors.” Since his incorporation in 1997, he has always sought support of the office in Argentina and to transform it into a long-term project, with a strong local positioning and an incredible group of people. Regarding the decisive moments where Softtek had to design the future of the branch in Argentina, Mauro commented, “The crisis of 2001 converted that situation into a great opportunity, where competitors were displaced, and we became stronger. This is considered one of our biggest, most transcendent of achievements.” In regards to the global financial crisis, Mauro commented, “The crisis generates areas of opportunity—that’s what everyone says; but we have demonstrated that we know how to take advantage [of those areas]. Whether we like it or not, we share this situation with our customers; thus, the key is to help them with valuable and flexible products and services that allow them to face and overcome the crisis. If our clients accomplish this and we, as providers, play a relevant role, we will continue together with them in the path of achievements and growth.”

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Information technology and services 

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