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Ahmed Abouelaz

University of Hassan II Casablanca


I started my education at the primary school Sebt-Gzoula (Safi) whose director was Mr. CASTELI. Then I did my studies at the college Ibn Khaldoun where I got aprizein Mathematics. Afterwards, I continued my education at the high school Ibn Abbad (Marrakech) where I got my bac degree in mathematical sciences. In 1975, I got my bachelor’s degree in fundamental Mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences in Rabat. I want to note here that my professor DRISS KHALIL taught me the Fourier analysis in the academic levels called M3 and M4, and it was thanks to him that I liked this important topic of mathematical analysis. During the academic year 1975-1976, I continued my graduate DEA studies at the Faculty of Sciences in Bordeaux. The topic of my DEA memory was: "Sur le théorème d’Hörmander " (Complex analysis).

Research Interest



  • A. Abouelaz and T. Kawazoe, Nazarov type uncertainty inequality for Fourier series, Scientiae MathematicaeJaponicae, 75 (no. 2) (2012), 177-186 : e - 2012, 275–284.

  • A. Abouelaz and O. El Fourchi, Spectral analysis on Damek-Ricci space, arXiv:math-ph/0207040v2 9 Aug 2002, 1–41.

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