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Sigauque P

Marine Science
National Institute for Hydrography and Navigation


  Sigauque P is master in Oceanic Engineering, Physical Oceanographer, Meteorologist and topographer. He was born on April 18, 1976 in Maputo city capital of Mozambique. For the past thirteen years (2000-2013). He has worked as Hydrographer, topographer, Meteorologist and Oceanographer and recently (since 2013 until now) as Oceanic Engineer at National Institute of Hydrography and Navigation works with numerical modeling to make studies about hydrodynamics circulation and sedimentological processes in bays located in Mozambique. As physical Oceanographer he is doing observations and processing of tide data in the Mozambique tide gauges stations. He did his master´s course on environmental modeling applicable in Coastal processes. As topographer He does geometric leveling to auxiliary in tide gauge mounting and to calculate the level difference between benchmarks that are located in the ports and bays in Mozambique. The topography course started in 1995 and finished in 1996 and these periods correspond to Polytechnic and junior at Technical Professional School of Geodesy and Cartography. He did his degree in Meteorology at Eduardo Mondlane University. He started this course in 2005 and has finished in 2013. The topography and Meteorology courses were in Mozambique. Recently he did his master in Oceanic Engineer at Rio de Janeiro Federal University in Brazil.

Research Interest

Aquaculture, Marine Biology

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