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Albertina Nakwafila

University of Namibia


Albertina Nakwafila is currently working as Lecturer in the department of Geology at University of Namibia.   

Research Interest

My key interest is in the groundwater resource management (hydrogeology).As Namibia is an arid country; where surface water resources are only available after rain seasons, understanding of our groundwater resources is very crucial. The groundwater resource requires both the quality and quantity evaluation. I have a great experience in the water quality assessment, especially using the hydro-chemistry of groundwater. I have also been involved in the recharge estimations, for the quantification of inputs to the groundwater. My research interests are on the recharge estimations, to the aquifer systems of the Stampriet Basin and the Eiseb Graben; with special focus to the effect of evapotranspiration on the groundwater. I also have developed a strong interest in the applications of models to predict the availability of groundwater at different hydrogeological conditions of an aquifer.

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