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Kazhila Croffat Chinsembu

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
University of Namibia


Kazhila Croffat Chinsembui s currently working as Associate Professor in the department of Biological Sciences at University of Namibia. Prof. Chinsembu is a molecular biologist/microbiologist who works and writes on medicinal plants.  He is a recipient of the University of Namibia 2012 meritorious award. Author of the 2016 book  Green Medicines: Pharmacy of Natural Products for HIV and Five AIDS-related Infections, Chinsembu’s funded research projects include: Capacity building in the use of indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants: research, innovation and herbal drug prototypes; toxic plants as potential anti-cancer agents;  evaluation of ethnoveterinary medicinal plants of Namibia; screening of indigenous Namibian mushrooms for their antimalarial activities against sensitive and resistant strains of the malaria parasites; and  HIV-1 biological activity and toxicity prospecting of ethnobotanicals of Namibia.   

Research Interest

Anti-HIV plants Ethnoveterinary medicinal plants Environmental microbiology

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