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Komeine Nantanga

Senior Lecturer
Food Science and Technology
University of Namibia


Komeine Nantanga is currenltly working as Senior Lecturer in department of Food Science and Technology at University of Namibia.

Research Interest

Polymer chemistry and relationship of their structure to function and nutrition, Digestive enzymes of food components, Innovation: Improving Indigenous Processing of traditional Foods for high consistent quality of commercially-viable new products, Processing and Engineering effect on food components especially phytochemicals and human wellness, Connecting Science to Community actions, User-friendly Science Education


  • Nantanga KKM, Bertoft E, Seetharaman K (2014) Structures of Salivary and Pancreatic Amylase Hydrolysates from Processed Starches. Int Sci Technol J Namibia 3: 8-20.

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