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Veikko Uahengo

Head of Department
Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Namibia


Veikko Uahengo is currently working as Head of Department in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of Namibia.

Research Interest

Chemosensors: Chemosensors is a major component of Supramolecular Chemistry which is based on molecular recognition. Chemosensors are simple inorganic or organic entities easily  synthesized  which  are  used  to  discriminate  ionic  species  in aqueous and organic mediums  by means of displaying changes in absorption spectra and more importantly naked eye observation  of colorimetric activities.  Chemosensors are fast becoming very popular and powerful analytical tools replacing the high cost traditional tools such as inductive coupled plasma (ICP) etc. The  sensitivity  and  selectivity  of  a  specific  sensor  towards  a  specific anion or cati

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