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Kedar Rijal

Environmental Modelling and Management
central department of environmental sciences


  Ph.D. 2009 mathematical modelling of river water of specific usage Msc. 2001 environmental managemenat Bsc. 1992 statistics

Research Interest

Water –Borne Diseases, and fuzzy messures 


  • Thapa.S and Rijal. K., Role of Biogas in Easing Ecological Stress: A Case Study from Buffer Zone of Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve Proceeding on Third International Conference on Addressing Climate Change for Sustainable Development through Up-Scaling Renewable Energy Technologies, October 12-14, 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Rijal, K. Fuzzy Description of River Water Quality: A Way for Defining Water Quality in Linguistic Approach. Journal of Institute of Science and Technology, Vol.17, 2011/012, pp.122-130.

  • Ryal, J and Rijal, K. Comparative Study on Different Methods of Domestic Organic Waste Composting in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Global Waste Management Symposium, September 30- October 3, 2012, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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