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Morgan Deegan

Practice Director & Principal Physiotherapist
Physio fitness clinic


Morgan Deegan is the driving force behind Physio and Fitness Clinic. A highly experienced physiotherapist, Morgan has worked in a variety of settings including working with amateur and semi-professional athletes. Her true passion lies with treating “weekend warriors” with injury, so Morgan felt the need to offer her expertise via her own clinic distributing effective and unique techniques designed to produce great results. Morgan completed her Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University  and has completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy from Latrobe University. She has since then furthered her knowledge through various specialised post graduate courses and workshops including dry needling and specialist shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, tendon and spinal studies. Morgan has a strong interest in biomechanical issues, particularly affecting runners, triathletes and cyclists. Her strongest passion and  expertise is with runners and how strengthening and load management can be utilised to create fantastic outcomes for her clients. She has been managing strengthening programs for post-operative and long term rehabilitation clients for over 8 years, including hydrotherapy, Pilates and gym based rehabilitation.

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