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Bart Berenbak

Renewable Chemistries and Site Manager


He completed his MSc. in Physics and a PhD in Chemistry. Spent nine years in the semi-conductor industry and two years in bio-pharmaceutics with Crucell before joining Avantium in December 2011. Providing application services in the semi-conductor bizz made me appreciate the delicate arts of Process and equipment engineering on the technical/commercial interface: Customer relation management, Quality management, manufacturing Supply Chain, but most of all people management. These skills served me well during 5 years at Avantium Catalysis business unit. During this period, the Renewable Chemistries BU was started and he switched on Jan 1st 2017 to become the (first) VP Operations. Challenge is to manage growth, maintain Avantium’s unique, innovative and creative culture while delivering upon ambitious plans. Meaning right balance business processes, KPI’s, financial controls, and providing ‘great place to work’ with comradery, room for out-of-the-box innovation and personal growth.

Research Interest

Polymers, Catalysis, green chemistry

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