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Drs. (nel) N.a. Hofstra

Assistant Professor
Business Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Nel Hofstra (1954) is lecturer at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands since 1986. She teaches electives in economics of business and society, consumer behavior and intensive courses in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategies, Entrepreneural Marketing and Sustainable Enterprising. She studied business administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and get her first degrees in Economics and Marketing. Her post doc's certifications are in: Organization Theories: Rijksuniversiteit Limburg/Maastricht 1988, the Netherlands; Methodology, techniques & instruments: Rijksuniversiteit Limburg/Maastricht 1990, the Netherlands ; Organization Research: Rijksuniversiteit Limburg/Maastricht 1992, the Netherlands; Product Life Cycle Analysis, The University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Ann Arbor, 1998, the United States of America. She was one of the first authors in writing a book on the management of environmental issues in the Netherlands in the beginning of the 90s, followed up by several publications in the field of sustainability. She is preparing a dissertation on the role of sustainability in innovations

Research Interest

Business Economics


  • A.B.M. Soppe & N.A. Hofstra (2006). Finance as if nature mattered. In L. Zsolnai & K.J. Ims (Eds.), Business within limits (Frontiers of Business Ethics, 1) (pp. 149-168). Bern: Peter Lang AG

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