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Sjoerd S. Van Bekkum

Associate Professor
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Sjoerd van Bekkum Associate Professor of Finance at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University. His research is about the causes and consequences of various changes in the supply of credit that lubricates the economy. Van Bekkum has published in leading journals including the Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, and Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis. He presented at many academic conferences including the AFA, EFA, and FIRS meetings, and at workshops organized by the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the International Monetary Fund.

Research Interest



  • S. van Bekkum, R. Irani & M. Gabarro Bonet (2017). Does a Larger Menu Increase Appetite? Collateral Eligibility and Credit Supply. The Review of Financial Studies, accepted. doi:

  • S. van Bekkum, G. Baltussen & B. van der Grient (2017). Unknown Unknowns: Uncertainty About Risk and Stock Returns. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Accepted.

  • G. Baltussen, S. van Bekkum & Z. Da (2018). Indexing and Stock Market Serial Dependence Around the World. Journal of Financial Economics, accepted.

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