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Dr José G B Derraik

Neonatology, Paediatric Endocrinology
Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand


Dr José Derraik was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), but moved to New Zealand in 1995. José has a very broad academic background, with a BSc and MSc in Ecology from the University of Otago (New Zealand), and a PhD in Public Health (University of Otago). His MSc examined invertebrate biodiversity in human-modified habitats. His PhD focused on vector ecology, more precisely on mosquitoes in New Zealand and how the threat of a mosquito-borne disease outbreak has been affected by ongoing anthropogenic environmental change. José then worked as a Senior Advisor for MAF Biosecurity NZ, where he provided expert advice to the NZ government on biosecurity threats to human health. In 2008, José joined the Liggins Institute (University of Auckland) where he has been working on paediatric research, as well as on a number of clinical trials in adolescents and adults at risk of metabolic disease. His research focuses primarily on the long-term effects of early life events (such as preterm or post-term birth) in childhood. However, José has recently been appointed as an honorary research associate at Uppsala University in Sweden, where alongside his Swedish colleagues he has been examining also the long-term effects of early life events in adulthood. Lastly, José is currently involved in one of the large multi-institutional National Science Challenges in New Zealand (A Better Start). He has a leading role in a number of studies aiming to describe, predict, prevent, and mitigate childhood obesity.

Research Interest

Long-term effects of early life events in adulthood, working with Swedish data in collaboration with colleagues at Uppsala University. * Long-term effects of early life events in childhood, particularly pre-pubertal children. * Prediction and prevention of childhood obesity. * Gut microbiome as a treatment for adolescent obesity.

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