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Aleksandra A Wroblewska

Chemical Engineering
Maastricht University, New Zealand
New Zealand


A main area of interest is the synthesis and characterization of biobased polyamides. In the past Aleksandra was working on the synthesis and modification of functionalized polyolefins at Sabic. Currently, Aleksandra became a PhD candidate in the newly formed group supervised by prof. Stefaan De Wildeman and dr. Katrien Bernaerts. Under their leadership she is synthesizing engineering plastics from biobased monomers. In this project, Maastricht University is part of the larger consortium “Beets to Biopolymers” with representatives of Cosun (NL), Philips (NL), Astron (NL) and Groningen University (NL). Together they aim at broadening the usage of biobased polymers in specialty applications. The effort made by the group from Maastricht University resulted in a couple of manuscripts which soon will be submitted to scientific journals.

Research Interest

His research focused on  the synthesis and characterization of biobased polyamides.

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