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Christine Cheyne

Environment and Planning
Massey University
New Zealand


Dr. Christine Cheyne is currently working as a Associate Professor in the Department of Environment and Planning , Massey univesity , Newzealand.

Research Interest

Smart, sustainable and resilient transport Community transport, ridesharing, alternatives to private transport Local government reforms – implications for public participation in planning processes and e-democracy Local political leadership for sustainability planning Online voting and other innovations in e-government and e-democracy Current developments in conservation policy and planning (e.g. new conservation management strategy templates; implementation and monitoring of Conservation Management Strategies and national park management plans Collaborative governance arrangements for indigenous biodiversity, marine/coastal, freshwater, other resources Social, economic and environmental impacts of infrastructure (transport, water storage, energy, etc.) Public participation in planning processes Community engagement in environmental planning and management Community engagement and local authority decision-making in relation to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) Local government climate protection/decarbonisation initiatives Development of community resilience (in response to climate change/energy security (peak oil) /food security challenges Amenity migration - effectiveness of planning instruments for dealing with migration to non-metropolitan/rural areas Planning and funding of infrastructure and public participation infrastructure planning (water, wastewater, stormwater, renewable energy)

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