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Hugh Blair

Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences
Massey University
New Zealand


Dr. Hugh Blair is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey univesity , Newzealand.

Research Interest

Quantitative animal breeding and genetics with an emphasis on the underlying metabolic and physiological processes that underpin genetic changes; the identification of epigenetic phenotypes in sheep and study of the likely mechanisms.


  • Yan, J., Blair, HT., Liu, M., Li, W., He, S., Chen, L., . . . Dukkipati, VSR. (2017). Genome-wide detection of autosomal copy number variants in several sheep breeds using Illumina OvineSNP50 BeadChips. Small Ruminant Research. 155, 24-32

  • Henwood, R., Wood, B., Sewell, A., Gray, D., Blair, H., Cranston, L., . . . Morris, S. (2017). Engaging with individuality in agricultural learning: a sociocultural study of innovation in a farmer-scientist community. Rural Extension and Innovation Systems Journal. 13(2), 76-85 Retrieved from

  • Fermin, LM., Pain, SJ., Morel, PCH., Gedye, KR., Kenyon, PR., & Blair, HT. (2017). Effect of exogenous progesterone on embryo size and ewe uterine gene expression in an ovine 'dam size' model of maternal constraint.. Reprod Fertil Dev.

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