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Magda Dunowska

Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences
Massey University
New Zealand


Dr. Magda Dunowska is currently working as a Associate Professor in the Department of Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey univesity , Newzealand.

Research Interest

The recent projects under this category include investigation of novel equine respiratory viruses using next generation sequencing platform, characterisation of novel animal papillomavirues, and identification of a novel nidovirus in archival tissues from possums affected by a neurological disease termed wobbly possum disease (WPD). The disease was first described in 1995 in a group of captive possums at a research facility in Invermay. It was subsequently observed in free-living possums, and reproduced under experimental conditions. The early stages of the disease are characterised by behavioural changes (loss of appetite, decreased interest in the environment, temperament changes), followed by progressive ataxia.

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