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Paul Kenyon

Head of Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomed
Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences
Massey University
New Zealand


Dr. Paul Kenyon  is currently working as a Head of Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences in the Department of Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey univesity , Newzealand.

Research Interest

Sheep production and management Managing multiple bearing and rearing ewes Twins Triplets Hogget (ewe lamb) breeding Use of alternative herbages Improving reproductive performance Fetal programming Reproduction Beef cattle production Chicory Plantain Lambs and lamb growth Lamb survival Farmer learning China Australia Uruguay Bull growth


  • Kenyon, PR., Morel, PCH., Corner-Thomas, RA., Perez, HL., Somasiri, SC., Kemp, PD., . . . Morris, ST. (2017). Improved per hectare production in a lamb finishing system using mixtures of red and white clover with plantain and chicory compared to ryegrass and white clover. Small Ruminant Research. 151, 90-97

  • Henwood, R., Wood, B., Sewell, A., Gray, D., Blair, H., Cranston, L., . . . Morris, S. (2017). Engaging with individuality in agricultural learning: a sociocultural study of innovation in a farmer-scientist community. Rural Extension and Innovation Systems Journal. 13(2), 76-85

  • Griffiths, K., Ridler, A., & Kenyon, PR. (2017). Longevity and wastage in New Zealand commercial ewe flocks - a significant cost. The Journal the official publication of The New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management Incorporated. 21(3), 29-32

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