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Amanda Hendrix

Senior Scientist
Department of planetary Sciences
Planetary Science Institute
New Zealand


Dr. Hendrix has 20 years of experience in planetary science research. As a graduate student and post-doctoral research at LASP/Univ. Colorado, Hendrix gained valuable experience in UV spectroscopy and instrumentation and began a career of investigating solar system surfaces (largely airless bodies) in the UV. After LASP, she spent 12 years at JPL, progressing from a science planner on Cassini to Deputy Project Scientist, before moving to PSI in 2012. She is a co-investigator on the Cassini UVIS instrument and a Participating Scientist on the LRO LAMP instrument. She has participated in numerous mission studies, including the Europa Orbiter of the Jupiter Joint Science Definition Team (2008-2009) (serving as its Deputy Study Scientist) and the Jovian System Orbiter Science Definition Team (2007). She has led programs and published results in the JSDAP, PG&G, OPR, LASER and CDAP programs, among others. Besides research, she enjoys teaching and sharing her love of planetary science with students and the public. She lives in Boulder, CO.

Research Interest

Dr. Amanda Hendrix engages in UV spectroscopy of planetary surfaces including icy satellites, asteroids, Earth’s moon, Mars and Jupiter’s moon Io. She studies surface composition, weathering processes and radiation products.

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