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Liz Jensen

Senior Scientist
Department of planetary Sciences
Planetary Science Institute
New Zealand


After receiving her PhD in 2007 from UCLA, Dr. Jensen was a Postdoctoral Scholar at UCSD modeling Taylor state magnetic flux ropes. She was subsequently a staff researcher at the MMT Observatory where she provided technical support with MESSENGER spectral reflectance observations, and pursued research into Faraday rotation. Prior to joining PSI in 2010, she was a Physicist at ACS Consulting pursuing research into Faraday rotation, spectral reflectance observations, interplanetary scintillation, coronal mass ejections, polarization of electromagnetic radiation, systems and signals engineering, and Planetary Data System archiving. She is also a regular presenter at the Houston Sally Ride Festival for middle school girls and is always available to answer science questions.

Research Interest

Dr. Elizabeth Jensen measures the magnetic fields in coronal mass ejections using a technique she developed utilizing the phenomenon of Faraday rotation. Her solar work presently includes processing and archiving spacecraft superior conjunction datasets through the waning phase of solar activity from solar cycle 23; its solar minimum was the longest in a century. She also analyses reflectance spectra of planets and small bodies.


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