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Steve Kortenkamp

Senior Scientist
Department of planetary Sciences
Planetary Science Institute
New Zealand


Dr. Kortenkamp received his PhD in Astronomy in 1996 from the University of Florida. He subsequently worked as a Research Associate with George Wetherill at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism until 2001, at which time he joined the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory as an instructor and joined the permanent science staff at PSI.

Research Interest

Dr. Steve Kortenkamp has been involved in studies of the orbital dynamics of small bodies trapped in 1:1 mean motion resonances with planets. These bodies include Trojan-type companions of Neptune, and so-called quasi-satellites. His current projects include the origin and dynamical evolution of Trojan-type companions of giant planets, origins of small irregular satellites of the giant planets and of Mars, the formation of habitable planets in binary- and multiple-star star systems, and the formation and dynamical evolution of interplanetary dust particles from asteroids and comets.

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