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Duncan Adams

University of Otago
New Zealand


Duncan Adams entered Medicine with a view to doing research on the aetiology of asthma. However, Dean Sir Charles Hercus apprenticed him to work under Dr HD Purves on use of radioactive iodine in thyroid research. Attacking the cause of Grave’s disease, Adams and Purves discovered the thyroid-stimulating auto antibodies. Later, in Adams’ MRC Autoimmunity Research Unit, John Knight solved the genetics of the autoimmune diseases, which was confirmed at the molecular level by Alan Ebringer, who has discovered two microbial triggers, making it likely that all autoimmune diseases have microbial triggers and will be preventable by discovering and vaccinating against them. Duncan Adams has published more than 138 papers and chapters in medical science journals and books

Research Interest

Auto Immune diseases,clinical microbiology

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