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Innocent Chidi Nnorom

Analytical/Environmental Chemistry
Abia State University


He had completed BSc (ABSU), MSc (Ibadan) PhD (Ibadan)

Research Interest

He has worked as a research fellow/field scientist/consultant with the Basel Convention Coordinating Center for Africa (BCCC-A), the Blacksmith Institute and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Dr Nnorom participated in the E-waste Africa Project of the Secretariat of the Basel Convention, United Nations Programme (UNEP), the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Africa (BCCC-Nigeria), Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), St.Gallen/Switzerland, and the Oeko-Institut (published in May, 2012 as ‘e-Waste Country Assessment Nigeria’,


  • Nnorom, I.C; Osibanjo, O; Oji-Nnorom, C.G (2005) Cadmium determination in cigarettes available in Nigeria. African Journal of Biotechnology 4 (10): 1128-1132, October, 2005.

  • Igwe, J.C; Nnorom, I.C; Gbaruko, B.C (2005) Kinetics of radionuclides and heavy metals behavior in soils: implications for plant growth. African Journal of Biotechnology 4 (13):1541-1547, December, 2005.

  • Nnorom, I.C; Igwe, J.C; Oji-Nnorom, C.G (2005) Trace metal contents of facial (make-up) cosmetics commonly used in Nigeria. African Journal of Biotechnology 4 (10): 1133-1138, October, 2005. Available On-Line at

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