Agri and Aquaculture

Agri and Aquaculture Experts

Awak, Edem Archibong

Akwa Ibom State University


1. The Polytechnic Calabar (1981-1983): National Diploma Mechanical Engineering 2. Tadjik Institution of Agricultural Mechanization (1985-1986), Certificate in Russian Language 3. Kharkov Institution of Agricultural Mechanization and Electrification (1986-1990), M.Sc. Agricultural Engineering 4. Kharkov State Technical University of Agriculture 1992-1997), Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering (Farm Power & Machinery)

Research Interest

Farm Power and Machinery


  • Increasing mechanical properties of materials with LASER. Kharkov. 1993 <> Pg. 87-104.

  • Heat Treatment of Machine Parts made from Aluminium alloys УДК 621.74.002.6: 669. 715БISSN 0024-449X Journal (Publishers): Foundry production 1995, No. 7-8, page 20, Moscow 111394, Martenovskaya Street 39

  • Wear Resistance of Agricultural Machine Parts. Journal (Publisher): Mechanization/Electrification of Agriculture No. 7, 1994 26-28, Moscow 107807, Sadovaya-Spasskayastreet 18

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