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Emilienne Akpan

Humanities and Arts
American University of Nigeria


B.A (Licence) Lettres Bilingues, Université de Yaoundé, Cameroon; Certificate in English Language, Literature and French Translation, Centre for Overseas Student Programmes, University of East Anglia, England; PGDM., Mass Communications, M.A., Mass Commmunications, University of Uyo, Nigeria; Certificat de Stage, Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques, Université d’Été, Nantes, France. Before joining the American University of Nigeria, Emilienne was a Head of School for 6 years and held other teaching, administrative and leadership positions. She is a disciplined person with personal benchmarks of performance, extremely passionate about what she does and very positive about where she works. She loves reading and writing, and has been published in a few collections. Her first personal collection titled Her African Face was published in Wales.

Research Interest

Effects of the mass media; Factors influencing the instruction and reception of new languages​; ​ Writing Center and Tutoring Best Practices/Pedagogies​; Globalization.


  • Akpan, Emilienne Idorenyin (2014). ‘Moral Education’. In the 2014 AUN Academy Elementary Yearbook. Page 52

  • Akpan, Emilienne Idorenyin (2016). ‘The Writing Center – At the Core of AUN’s Liberal Arts Education’. In Inside AUN: A Newsletter of American University of Nigeria, October-December 2016. 81st Edition.

  • Obukoadata, P.O., Akpan, E., Uduma, N.E. and Mboso, A. (2016). Thematic Narratives inherent in Political Parties’ Advertisements and Voters' Perceptions: Analysis of the 2015 Electioneering Campaigns. In The Nigerian Journal of Communication, 13 (1): 79-102

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