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Jennifer Tyndall

Associate Professor
Natural and Environmental Sciences
American University of Nigeria


PhD Immunology & Infectious Diseases (Liverpool University, UK).

Research Interest

Professor Tyndall has a keen interest in Public Health. She has worked in Gabon and Cameroon on several tropical disease projects including malaria and river blindness. Professor Tyndall is an active supporter of community projects in AUN and has worked extensively with students and faculty in collaboration with the most health institutions throughout the state.


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  • Tyndall J, Okoye V, Ameh M, Olaoye O, Komolafe O, Bala F, Chanchangi D, Olalekan B, Idris M & Bapetel Pariya H (2013) Chemical Analysis of Iodine Content in Table Salts collected from Nigerian Markets and Local Eateries. European Chemical Bulletin. 2013, 2(6), 324-327

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