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Wan Jin Jahng

Associate Professor
Organic & Petroleum Chemistry
American University of Nigeria


Ph.D, Organic Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Korea University (B.S. Agricultural Chemistry), Korea University (M.S. Organic Chemistry), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry), Harvard Medical School (Postdoc, Biochemistry), Assistant Professor (University of South Carolina, School of Medicine), Assistant Professor (Michigan Technolgical University, Biology)

Research Interest

Solar Cell; Biobatter; Conducting Polymer; Retina Degeneration; Proteomics


  • Berkowitz, D.B., Jahng, W. J., Pedersen, M. L. (1996) alpha-Vinyllysine and alpha-Vinylarginine are Time-Dependent Inhibitors of Their Cognate Decarboxylases, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 6, 2151-2156. [IF=2.538]

  • Berkowitz, D.B., Pedersen, M. L., Jahng, W. J. (1996) Syntheis of Higher alpha-Chlorovinyl and alpha-Bromovinyl Amino Acids: The Amino Protecting Group Determines the Reaction Course, Tetrahedron Letters 37, 4309-4312. [IF=2.509]

  • Cho, B. R., Jahng, W. J., Je, J. T., Bartsch, R. A. (1993) Elimination Reactions of (E)-O-Pivaloylbenzaldoximes, Journal of Organic Chemistry 58, 3901-3904. [IF=3.79]

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