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Dr. Wale Adedeji is a Lecturer 1 at the History and Languages department. He hold a PhD. Degree from The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.He is a performing artiste and scholar whose teaching philosophy lies in the pragmatic combination of theory with practice . He attended the University of Ibadan where he received his Bachelor and Masters' Degree in Theatre Arts and the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom where he bagged his PhD. He has over a decade involvement in the music, film and the entertainment industry with several stage and screen credits while his music is available on iTunes and other online digital music retailers. Prior to pursuing his research degree he worked at the Institute of Public Education, Inner Mongolia Medical University, Huhhot city, China where he taught communication and cultural studies.

Research Interest

Popular culture and media arts for youth empowerment and economic sustainability. Applied ethnomusicology, and performance practise in Africa and African diaspora including world cinema, video film and theatre for development. My popular culture interest is focused on hip-hop in the broader sense as well as indigenous hip-hop cultures within the paradigm of globalization theory.


  • ADEDEJI, W. 4 th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 4).

  • Liverpool-Tasie, L. S. O., Omonona, B. T., Sanou, A., & Ogunleye, W. (2015). Is increasing inorganic fertilizer use in Sub-Saharan Africa a profitable proposition? evidence from Nigeria.

  • Adedeji, W. (2014). Negotiating Globalization through Hybridization: Hip Hop, Language Use and the Creation of Cross-Over Culture in Nigerian Popular Music. Language in India, 14(6).

  • Adedeji, W. (2014). African Popular Culture and the Path of Consciousness: Hip-hop and the Culture of Resistance in Nigeria. Postcolonial Text, 8(3 & 4).

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