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Banda J M

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Banda J M has his expertise in Medical Laboratory Science with PhD in Immunology. He believes that quality laboratory results is achievable and can be a veritable tool in improving health and wellbeing of Nigerians. He leads a team (quality team) of Medical Laboratory Scientists and together they have been able to achieve an in-country CDC/Afro Accreditation through the Strengthening of Laboratory Management toward Accreditation (SLMTA) curriculum and WHO Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) checklist. He has achieved this after years of experience in research, teaching and administration both in hospital and education institutions. He has developed special interest in Maternal Health and believes that through research the high maternal morbidity and mortality rate in Nigeria could be reduced to the barest minimum, especially in the Northern part of Nigeria where there is high level of poverty and poor healthseeking behavior. j

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Biotherapeutics and Bioanalytical Techniques

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